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2010 BMW M6 – Spark Plug Replacement

BMW’s maintenance schedule recommends that the spark plugs on this BMW M6 are to be changed every 37,000 miles.  It is a pretty straight forward procedure.  Remove the intake ducts, loosen the intake box, remove any breather hoses in the way, pull out ignition coils and that should give you enough access to get the plugs out and in.

We will be replacing the plugs with the factory recommended NGK Laser Platinum plugs.  NGK is a name that most people should know if they know a thing or two about cars.  We are surprised to find NGK in this particular setup as BMW usually defaults to BOSCH plugs.  Apparently they just didn’t make the cut for this year and model.

Most standard 3 and 5 series BMWs have a factory scheduled spark plug change around 100,000 miles, but since this is a high output / high performance V10, it is better safe than sorry to change these on or before the recommended scheduled mileage.

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