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5 Car Sounds That Signal Trouble

When you drive your car on a daily basis, you know how it drives and the sounds that it can make. Whenever it makes weird noises, it could mean that something is wrong with your vehicle. While it may be tempting to look for where the sound is coming from, getting professional help is your best bet at locating AND fixing the problem. 

At Import Auto Specialists, our technicians are equipped to handle any challenge. In this blog, we will discuss 5 common vehicle noises and what they could mean.

Engine Chirping

A chirp or squeal coming from under the hood when accelerating is a sign of an engine problem. Usually, it is probably the belt making the noise, indicating that it is worn. A visit to our auto repair shop can confirm whether that holds true.

Snapping or Popping

When you make turns with your vehicle, it should be quiet. If you notice snapping or popping when turning left and right, it means your car’s constant velocity (CV) joints are the problem. You should take care of this before your axles break.


Grinding sounds upon engine startup or shifting gears is not a good sign. When this sound comes about during gear shifts, it may point to a transmission-related issue. 

Rumbling or Sputtering

When there’s a hole or leak along the exhaust system, you won’t miss it. An issue related to the engine or exhaust system can be quite loud. You should have checked out ASAP in case it is a bad or clogged catalytic converter.


Hissing can signal various problems. When the engine is on the brink of overheating, it may hiss and spray steam out from under the hood. A vacuum leak may also result in a hissing sound.


With so many car noises out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint your exact car problem. We recommend that you bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop. Our technicians can identify any strange noises and point you in the right direction to fix them. Please visit Import Auto Specialists for all your auto service and repair needs.

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