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5 Signs It's Time for a Wheel Alignment

Regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance can save you huge costs and keep you safe on the road always. Understanding the indicators of an urgently needed servicing like wheel alignment is a key factor. Unfortunately, many don't know what signs to look for and when it's the appropriate time for wheel alignment. Other drivers may ignore even the obvious signs, which is dangerous.

Proper wheel alignment is a critical maintenance criterion for your car's optimal operation and your safety on the road. Alignment is adjusting the angle at which your vehicle wheels contact the road surface by streamlining the suspension system. But how do you know it's time to bring your car in for wheel alignment?

Warning Signs You Need Alignment

Besides improving your safety and vehicle performance on the road, wheel alignment also extends your tire life, lowering maintenance costs. Fortunately, there are several signs or indicators that it's time to schedule wheel alignment. Here are the top five.

1. Irregular tire wear

If you notice uneven or patchy worn areas in your car tires, it's a sign they are misaligned. You should immediately consider wheel alignment services to prevent further damage and safety issues.

2. Your car leans to one side of the road more

When driving, you may feel your vehicle is leaning or pulling to one side more. Sometimes it's due to the road incline. But when it's too much, even on visibly and completely level road surfaces, this is a sign of misaligned wheels.

3. Off-center steering wheel

Your wheels are misaligned if you drive on level road surfaces, but your steering wheel is tilted or slowly turns in one direction. It mainly results from having only front-end alignment. Consider a four-wheel alignment.

4. Vibrating steering wheel

Your car is misaligned if you notice your steering wheel vibrates when driving. Your wheels may be out of alignment after hitting a curb, pothole, or other terrains, leading to the vibration. The vibration is also a precursor to a more serious problem caused by wheel misalignment.

5. Loose steering

When driving your car, it should have a relatively direct feel on the road and respond smoothly to the direction you steer. However, if you feel your turning is loose, unstable, or with little tire response, have your wheel alignment checked by an expert. It could be the problem.

Please don't ignore these signs to avoid huge costs in the end. Also, make sure an expert is helping you. Always bring your car to Import Auto Specialists today if you need such experts and professional wheel alignment. You will get all the help you need promptly.

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