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Every Vehicle Light That Drivers Should Know About

There are many lights on the outside of your vehicle, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. Fortunately, most cars nowadays are smart enough to detect electrical faults and let you know if your headlight, taillight, or other light is out.  

Your vehicle's lights not only help you see the road ahead but also help other drivers see you. If all of these car lights are confusing, we are here to simplify them for you. Here are all the different lights on your vehicle that you should know!

Headlights are the primary lights on your vehicle and are essential for visibility while driving. They are located on the front of your vehicle and come in different styles, such as halogen, LED, and HID. Headlights can be turned on and off from the dashboard or the headlight switch. Additionally, there are typically three headlight settings: high beam, low beam, and daytime running lights. It's important to use the proper setting for the current driving conditions.

High Beams:
These lights are the brightest setting for your headlights, and they provide the most visibility on dark roads. They should only be used in rural areas with no other vehicles around to avoid blinding oncoming drivers. When using high beams, be sure to dim them when you see another car approaching to avoid blinding the other driver.

Low Beams:
Low beams are the primary setting for headlights and provide ample light for night driving. They are the setting you should use in urban areas, even in well-lit areas.

Daytime Running Lights:
Daytime lighting are a newer feature of modern automobiles, and they tend to turn on automatically when the vehicle is in motion. They are brighter than parking lights but not as bright as low beams. These lights are designed to make the vehicle more visible to other drivers during the day.

Fog Lights:
Fog lights are located lower than your headlights and are designed to provide light in foggy conditions. They are also useful in heavy rain, snow, or dust. They can be turned on and off separately from the headlights.

Turn Signals:
Your turn blinkers are located on the front and back of the vehicle, and the signals indicate which direction you plan to turn. When you activate the turn signal, a light will flash on the side of the vehicle that corresponds to the direction you want to turn.

Brake Lights:
Brake lights are located at the back of your vehicle and turn on when you press the brake pedal. They indicate to drivers behind you that you are slowing down or stopping.

Reverse Lights:
Reverse lights are located on the back of the vehicle and turn on when you put the car in reverse. They provide additional light to help you see while backing up and also indicate to other drivers that you are moving backward.

Knowing what each light on your vehicle means is essential for safe driving. Keep in mind that driving with faulty lights is dangerous, and it's important to replace any burned-out bulbs or malfunctioning lights as soon as possible. 

If you have any concerns about your vehicle's lighting system, be sure to bring it to Import Auto Specialists for inspections and repairs.

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