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How To Drive Safely During The Biggest Holiday Month Of The Year

Photo by C.C. Francis on Unsplash

How To Drive Safely During The Biggest Holiday Month Of The Year

Winter is here, and if you're like most people, you probably dread the cold weather. Lucky for us, it never gets too cold! Unfortunately, it's not so much the temperature that makes winter so stressful; it's the hazards that come with driving in low temperatures. Whether you're headed to work or taking a quick trip to get groceries, these tips will help keep your car safe during this season of icy roads and snowstorms (even if those are out-of-state!).

Check your tires.

Tire pressure is a no-brainer. Low tire pressure can cause your vehicle to skid, making it much harder to control in bad weather conditions.


If you’re not sure if your tires are in good condition or not, check the tread depth (the grooves in the rubber) on each tire with a penny: If all four shoulders of Lincoln’s head are covered by treads, you should be good; if not, get new tires!


Also, check for damage and wear; while this isn't necessarily something that happens overnight — especially if it happens gradually over time — it's still important to know how much tread is left before driving during inclement weather conditions.


You can also check for worn-out patches on the sides of your tires with a flashlight: If they're smooth instead of bumpy like regular tires would appear when brand new, then chances are high that these areas might have been rubbing against other parts inside your wheel wells causing them to wear down faster than usual.

Winterize your car with fresh fluids and change out windshield wipers. 

Once you're done with the maintenance check, winterize your car with a fresh set of fluids. If you haven't already, visit us to change your oil, coolant, and brake fluid. 


You should also change your windshield wipers if they seem to be dragging and pushing dirt around or haven’t been changed. 

Have an emergency kit in the car.

If you have an emergency kit in the car, you'll be prepared to handle anything that might happen. Here's what you'll want to include:

  • A blanket to keep warm
  • A flashlight and extra batteries (and ensure they're not dead!)
  • First aid kit (this one is a good choice)
  • Water, snacks, and a cell phone charger

Having these items in your car, especially if you’re driving out of state during the holidays, can be a lifesaver.

Keep your cool on the road!

Now, these tips are universal. As the holiday season approaches, you must ensure you drive safely through holiday traffic. As you head out on the road this year, remember these tips:

  • Don't drink and drive. Even if you are planning on only having one or two drinks, it's best to plan ahead for a designated driver or take an Uber or Lyft instead of getting behind the wheel yourself.
  • Keep your phone charged and ready to use in case of emergency. Don't allow yourself to get distracted by social media while driving, as this can cause accidents.
  • Refrain from road rage and keep your eyes peeled. Traffic can be a nightmare during the holidays!


It can be hard when things are busy, but ensure you don’t partake in any distracted driving this season! 

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