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Is Your Vehicle Ready For Spring Break?

When planning your spring break road trip, it is vital to think about your car as well as where it will take you and the adventures that will ensue. Here are some car care tips before hitting the road for spring break:

Get an Inspection
The last thing anyone wants to be is stuck on the side of the road. It is important to bring your car into the shop for a visual inspection. Your qualified technician will inspect your hoses and belts for leaks, cracks and ensure everything is snugged up.

Check Your Radiator Fluid
Do you plan on heading over a mountain pass or drive some winding roads? Coolant plays a vital role in keeping your engine running at the right temperature. The longer you are on the road, or faster you drive, the chances of overheating increases.

Check Your Tires
There is nothing scarier than having a blow-out on the freeway at full speed. Be sure to inspect your tires for any cracks, exposed metal, or uneven tread wear. You will want to air up those tires of yours before heading out on the highway for spring break.

Check Your Battery
It is easy to forget to pop the hood, but a visual inspection can go a long way. Is there a lot of corrosion on your battery terminals? It is time to give it a good wipe down. It is also a good idea to have your battery tested by a professional to ensure you will have plenty of power before leaving on a trip.

How Are Your Brakes?
Being able to stop quickly is essential when on the road. If you are heading out for spring break, be sure to check that your brake pads have plenty of life left before taking off on your road trip.

If your vehicle could use some preventive maintenance before you begin your spring break adventure, Import Auto Specialists is happy to service your vehicle. We are offering $50 off for new customers, so give us a call today or schedule an appointment today so we can take great care of you and your vehicle. 


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