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It’s Time To Replace Your Wipers

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

It’s Time To Replace Your Wipers

San Diego experienced rain like never before this Winter and, in doing so, became the talking point of national news. If your windshield wipers were working hard to keep you safe in the flooding conditions, it might be time to replace them.


Windshield wipers should be replaced about once a year or sooner if they’ve worn them. Worn-out wipers may have rubber trailing behind them, scrape against your windshield, or do a poor job of getting water and debris out of the windshield. 


I’m a big believer that regardless of the rain season or how often your wipers are getting action, it’s necessary to replace them at least once a year–but usually, much sooner. Below, I’ll go over signs you need to replace your windshield wipers, provide a quick how-to, and explain the benefits of coming into a shop (like Import Auto Specialists in San Diego) to get it done. First, though, let me explain why your wipers are so important. 

San Diego’s Rainiest Season

​​Living in San Diego, California, means you’ll experience various weather conditions throughout the year. 


This year has been particularly wet in San Diego, with the region experiencing its rainiest season in decades (not to mention, California made national news for this season's floods). With that kind of precipitation comes the need for reliable windshield wipers. Wipers help you to stay safe on the roads by improving visibility in the rain and clearing away dirt and debris. 


From sunny days to rainstorms, ensuring that your vehicle is equipped with the right tools to get you safely from Point A to Point B is vital. A good set of windshield wipers is one of the most essential components to your vehicle’s safety. If your wipers are worn out, it’s time to replace them. 

Your Wipers Are For More Than Rain

Windshield wipers are a necessary component of any vehicle, as they help keep your view of the road clear in any weather. Wipers are designed to clear rain, snow, sleet, and debris from your windshield, allowing you to see clearly. 


Windshield wipers are also essential for improving visibility in foggy conditions. By keeping your wipers in good condition, you can ensure that your visibility is never impeded. In addition, they help to keep your windshield clean by removing dirt and other residues that can accumulate over time.

Signs Your Wipers Need To Be Replaced

If your wipers leave streaks and smudges on your windshield, it’s time to replace them. Other signs that your wipers need to be replaced include the following: 


  • Wipers that are worn or cracked 
  • Wipers that don’t make complete contact with the windshield 
  • Wipers that squeak or chatter loudly 
  • Wipers that leave behind residue or debris


If your wipers aren’t hitting the mark, you could replace your windshield wipers with something more fitting to your needs. Many people don’t realize there’s an entire marketplace of windshield wipers–and some are pretty technologically advanced!

Utilize A Professional Like Import Auto Specialists To Replace Your Wipers

Replacing your windshield wipers is an integral part of vehicle maintenance. By having your wipers replaced at a professional auto shop, you can enjoy improved visibility and safety on the roads. An experienced technician can help you select the correct wipers for your vehicle and install them correctly.


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