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Tips to Keep Your Lexus Running at Its Best

Lexus ranks among the top luxury cars on the planet. If you own one, you must understand by now how reputed the vehicle is for delivering high performance on the track for years. However, your car's longevity and performance depend on how well you take care of your beloved Lexus. If you wish to enjoy the vehicle's extended functional lifespan, here are practical tips to help you.

Adhere to Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Your manufacturer manual details the vehicle's 30/60/90K maintenance schedule. It is critical to take your Lexus whenever you attain each milestone. Trying to stretch the interval further only leads to more car problems, which comes back to haunt you financially in the future. These are preventative maintenance service that ensures the car is running smoothly. Usually, 30/60/90K maintenance entails inspections of the car's emission system, brakes, filters, and visual inspection of several systems and components.

Check Car Fluids and Tire Pressure

Inspecting the car fluids and tire pressure are some of the simplest tasks you can do in your bid to maintain your Lexus in good shape. These are simple tasks that take a matter of minutes to complete using readily available tools from your local auto shop. Ensuring the fluid color and levels in the reservoirs allows you to detect any signs of breakdown and change the fluid. Using a tire gauge, you can check for tire pressure. If you lack time to handle these issues, it would be best to take the vehicle to the professionals.

Pay Attention to Vehicle Sounds

Car engine makes noise, and it might take a while for you to get used to it, especially if it is a new car or brand. Knowing the specific sound of your car's engine is critical as it helps you to note any unusual noises that may indicate a problem. Generally, a Lexus engine releases a popping sound when cooling down, but if it releases a sharp squealing sound, that's a sign for a slipping belt. If you don't take any action to rectify the issue, the belt might break, causing the engine to fail or overheat.

If you need Lexus repair or service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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