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What are the Common Signs of Muffler Failure?

Exhaust mufflers have been in use in cars since 1859 when J. J Etienne installed a metal reducer in the first internal combustion engine. Although it wasn't up to today's manufacturing standards, it reduced backfiring and exhaust noise, providing efficient exhaust flow to the pipes. Like the car ac or taillights, the mufflers may fail. It is critical to understand the signs of exhaust problems so that you repair them at their "bud."

Here are the signs and symptoms of a failing muffler:

Engine Misfiring

Unlike old vehicle models, modern cars come with finely tuned engines with parts that work together to deliver efficiency and fuel economy. The exhaust system is a critical part of the engine, starting at the exhaust valve lodged inside the cylinder head. The muffler is usually located between the catalytic converters and the exhaust pipes. If there's a hole or damage inside its chambers, it reduces exhaust efficiency, which causes engine misfires, especially during deceleration.

Plummeting Fuel Economy

A well-functioning exhaust system offers better gas mileage, cutting your costs on fuel. It's essential to pay attention to how frequently you visit the gas station. If you notice that the frequency is gradually increasing, it means that something might be wrong with your exhaust system. Newer vehicle models have computer systems and sensors that can monitor their fuel economy and overall exhaust performance. They alert you whenever there's a problem so that you can get it repaired before it becomes a complicated and costlier issue.

Louder-Than-Normal Exhaust Sound

Excessive exhaust noise occurs as a result of exhaust leaks in the muffler. That's contrary to the common notion that the noise comes from the exhaust components near the engine. As exhaust fumes flow through the system, they're contained until they reach the muffler. It (muffler) features a series of chambers that help neutralize the vibrations/sounds of the exhaust system. When there's a hole in one of its chambers, pre-muffled exhaust leaks, further increasing the exhaust sound.

That's not to say that exhaust leaks are only limited to the muffler. It might occur before or after the muffler, but loud exhaust noises are associated with the muffler in most cases. Still, you need to partner with a professional auto maintenance shop for quality exhaust repairs. For this reason, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our world-class auto repair shop today!

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