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What are the Signs of a Failing Mercedes Transmission?

Your transmission is blown. Those four words terrify most car owners, and for good reason. The transmission is the life support system of your car that needs to be well maintained to live a healthy and happy life. Fortunately, transmission repairs don't happen without warning, and if you catch the signs early, the repairs are much less costly. So, what are some of the telltale signs?

1. Unresponsive and Gear Slipping.

If your vehicle hesitates, or simply refuses to shift, there's a good chance something is wrong with your transmission. It may feel stuttery, or there could even be a delay between gear shifts. Not only is this alarming, especially if you're on the highway, but it's also very dangerous.

2. Smells and sounds.

It's unlikely that your transmission is going to fail overnight. Luckily for you, there are plenty of warning signs. Smell and sound are two of them. If your car hums while you idle, chances are something is wrong. These sounds are often caused by low fluid and don't require costly repairs. Hearing your car has a faulty transmission is kind of like hearing that your car has cancer. You want to get it into a shop as soon as possible to get the proper treatment before the condition worsens. Strange smells are another common sign that you want to look out for. Your car may have very many strange smells, most of which probably have nothing to do with your transmission. But if something smells like burning you should rush it into the shop as soon as possible. Perhaps even towing the car to avoid further damage.

3. Check engine light.

The little yellow light on your dashboard is your friend. If he tells you something is wrong, it's probably for good reason. The sensors are set to go off to detect subtle movements that you wouldn't notice until the problem worsens. Sometimes a simple diagnostic check at your local auto shop can end up saving you thousands of dollars.

4. Fluid leaks.

Most cars leak water from time to time, and a small leak isn't something that should instill panic. But if you're routinely noticing dark puddles underneath your car in the morning, you should take your vehicle in for a check-up. Topping it off yourself is a good idea, but until the leak is plugged, you're only circumventing the issue.

5.Refusal to change gears.

Sometimes when she goes, she goes. You want to keep an eye out for smells, sounds, clunky shifting, and leaks. But there are times when your transmission simply won't shift. To avoid costly repairs, try to catch the symptoms before they grow. If you find yourself in need of Mercedes repair in San Diego, CA, stop into our auto repair shop today! Our trained professionals will have you back on the road before you know it.

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