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What’s The Main Difference Between Asian and European Vehicle Maintenance?

Difference Between Asian and European

At Import Auto Specialists, we do a lot of preventive maintenance work for the vehicles that come into our auto repair shop. When people start to compare Asian vehicles with European vehicles, our team will often hear the question, “What’s the main difference between Asian and European vehicle maintenance?”. In this month’s blog, without getting too technical, we will explain the main differences, plus the pros and cons of each category of vehicle.

First and foremost, the main, number one difference between Asian and European vehicle maintenance is cost. Asian vehicles are mostly less expensive to maintain than European vehicles.

Why is it more affordable to maintain Asian vehicles? Simply put, the parts for Asian cars are less expensive. Plus, their engines are designed to last for high mileage, like upwards of 250,000 miles. 

European vehicles, on the other hand, have more expensive parts and the engines typically are not designed to last beyond 200,000 miles. Just looking at overall costs alone, Asian vehicles will be less expensive to maintain than European vehicles.

That does not mean that Asian vehicles are better than European vehicles. They are just different. Asian vehicles are known for their reliability, affordability, fuel efficiency, and will serve you a long time (even if you neglect it a little bit, which we don’t advise).

European cars are widely viewed as a status symbol. They are beautifully designed and the engines have more power. European vehicles are fun to drive. They cost more to maintain, but they are often seen as collectables that are showcased in car shows. 

Here’s a story that was told by one of our customers. She has a 2011 MINI. Her husband has a 2006 Scion. Her MINI’s Check Engine light comes up frequently, and she brings it in for service immediately because she takes very good care of her car. He sometimes ignores his Check Engine light and doesn’t baby his car like she does hers. The brake service for her MINI costs more than the brake service for his Scion. Her vehicle tends to have more issues than his car. But they both love their cars and they each swear that their car is better than the other! It’s a friendly rivalry between them. They both take care of their vehicles and they’re both happy with their cars, so they don’t care about the difference in costs. 

The bottom line is this:  It doesn’t matter if you drive an Asian or a European vehicle. Regular maintenance is important for them all. When you take preventive measures to make sure your vehicle is operating optimally, you’ll have a car that serves you well for the length of time you own it. Remember, when you take good care of your car, your car can take care of you.

When your Asian, European, or Domestic vehicles require maintenance, we invite you to Import Auto Specialists in San Diego. Our goal is to inspect your vehicle and offer precise car care. Our team prides itself on getting to know your car, your driving habits, and you, which allows us to provide you with specialized service. Import Auto Specialists is now offering discounts to help stretch your budget dollars. Give us a call at 858-576-7186 or schedule an appointment today so we can take great care of you and your car. 


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