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What Speeding Over a Speed Bump Can Do to Your Vehicle

For a kid in need of a roller coaster ride, a speed bump can be a thrill! For the rest of us, unfortunately, it can mean a lot of trouble. When you're driving down a long residential street, keep an eye out for those bumps in the road and if you see one, be sure to slow down or you might find that one little speed bump can do a lot more damage to your car than you expect!

Shock and Oww

First to get damaged: shock absorbers.

They're meant to absorb some of the little bumps you're bound to come across on the road. They're the reason why a car ride feels so smooth that it could lull a baby to sleep.

But they can only take so much. They aren't built to absorb that much energy that quickly. If it's forced on them, they can get bent out of shape or leak hydraulic fluid. Eventually, they'll stop working, which could leave you without any control over your car.

Steer Clear of That Speed Bump!

With the shock absorbers unable to do their job, your steering is next up to have some problems. When your car feels every little bump, dip and vibration, it can shake up the steering components, cause power steering fluid to leak, shake apart your steering rack and throw the tires out of alignment.

If you've had a speed bump accident and you find your car is pulling one way or the other, you need to take it in to get checked.

Exhaust-ed System

Your exhaust system is right underneath your car and its job is to make your car purr instead of growl. When you hit a speed bump, your car might come crashing down, exhaust-first, right on top of that bump, and may break its mounts.

Tires That Tried Their Best!

Even the part of your car that's prepared for contact has its limits. If the sides of your tires come into contact with the road, it puts them at risk of blowing out while you're driving. Before that happens, you need to replace them.

If you need a repair on your vehicle, bring it to our auto repair shop today!

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