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Winterizing Your Car And Why It Matters

Photo by Mark Boss on Unsplash

Winterizing Your Car And Why It Matters

Winter is coming, and if you live in California, it's not necessarily the cold that should worry you…it's the moisture! The weather can change quickly here, so it's essential to take precautions to ensure your car lasts through the months ahead. Here are a few ways to winterize your vehicle and ensure it gets you through any unexpected temperature changes.

A little prep can go a long way in helping your car last.

Winterizing your car can be extremely helpful in preventing several problems. However, it looks different here in San Diego than in Denver or Cincinnati. No, you probably won’t need snow tires (unless you’re traveling), but you do still need to run an assessment of your vehicle. Winterization can save money and help prevent accidents, emergency repairs, and other issues that may crop up during cold weather.

Change engine oil. 

The oil in your car keeps the engine parts from grinding against each other and prevents rust, corrosion, and metal-to-metal contact. It also lubricates bearings which are metal surfaces that rotate.


Oil can become contaminated with water or dirt during driving, so it is vital to change the oil based on vehicle manufacturer recommendations. 

Check tires and tire tread.

Check tire pressure and tread depth; if something is off, come see us at Import Auto Specialists. Tires should be inflated to the manufacturer's recommended psi (pounds per square inch) for your vehicle, and you should check that often. If you notice that your tires are losing air or feel soft when you press on them, it could mean that they need to be replaced soon. 


Additionally, temperature changes can affect the way your tires PSI shows up! Keep this in mind as it gets colder in San Diego. 

Check the battery, terminals, and cables.

Check the battery for leaks, corrosion, and cracks in the case. You should also check the battery terminals for corrosion and rust; if these are found to be damaged, you may need to replace them. 

Check wipers.

Wipers need to be replaced more often than many of us would guess. Replace your wipers if:

  • If your wipers are streaking, replace them.
  • If the rubber is cracked or worn, replace them.
  • If they're coming off the frame, replace them.

This will be helpful when it rains and storms here in San Diego! 

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